This is a page of my blog I like to devote to all of the things that I absolutely LOVE to do.  Every time something comes along that catches my attention, I have this insatiable need to share it with my good friends or the rest of the world.  This section is what I like to aptly call:



Nektar Drinks

I swear NEKTER JUICE BAR is like “CRACK”!  This place is amazing to get your fresh squeezed juice on and delicious ACAI bowls packed with nutrients.  Even though it’s a bit of a wait for certain items, it’s well worth the wait!  Visit their website at (http://www.nekterjuicebar.com) for a location near you.


U-Jam Fitness

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new fitness that is sweeping the nation right now and it’s called U-Jam Fitness.  What is U-Jam you ask?  U-Jam Fitness is an athletic dance fitness format.  The “fitness” is built into the workout with easy-to-follow choreography that repeats and has levels of intensity (1-Basic & 2-Advanced) and the participant/student chooses their level.  U-Jam has urban moves with world beats so every class you take is a party.  I recently became certified to teach this DOPE format.  Check out the website (U-Jam Fitness) to find a class nearest you and to check out the latest events, learn how to become an instructor (payment plans are available) and how to get U-Jam hosted in your dance facility.


For those of you who know me and are following me on FACEBOOK and/or TWITTER know that I actively participate in LATIN JAM WORKOUT and roam around the City of Los Angeles taking classes.  I love the workout so much that I became an Instructor.  I teach every Sunday at THE LOS ANGELES DANCE CENTER at 8:30AM, every Saturday at 4:00PM at HEARTBEAT HOUSE DANCE STUDIO, (Mondays through Thursdays) at SALON ACAPULCO in Downtown Los Angeles at 7:00PM and every Sunday at 1:30PM and every Thursday at 8:30AM at the GLENDALE YMCA.  For a LATIN JAM WORKOUT class schedule so you can get your groove on, click here.


55 Degree Wine, located in Atwater Village (Glendale, CA).

55 Degree Wine Review

55 Degree Wine Website


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