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Jerod Williams is a playwright, screenwriter and a freelance journalist who has written for Splash Magazines Worldwide where he had featured articles on movie reviews, award ceremonies, charity events and reporting for the prestigious annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week which is heavily attended by celebrities, fashion designers and critics.  He is a Contributing Writer for the digital online magazine Bello Mag where he writes for their Entertainment, Lifestyle and Fashion section.  Jerod self-published his play The Manipulation, Love, Lust and Betrayal of a Career Woman, which can be purchased through various online outlets including Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Xlibris.com and this website (JerodWilliams.com) as well as other online outlets.  Jerod’s most recent achievement was placing as a finalist in the Gimme Credit Screenplay Competition for his short screenplay The Lovelorn, an unconventional, May/December dark romantic comedy which ranked in the top 25 out of 1,000 entries.  He is working on a full-length mystery/thriller screenplay, blogging on his website and writing a novel.

In 2009, Jerod decided to make a change for the better with regards to his health and found himself doing one of the things he’s always loved to do, but was never trained in, and that was DANCE.  His love of dance and visiting his local dance studio led him into getting actively involved in several dance workout formats where he decided to become an instructor.  Jerod was actively involved in Latin Jam Workout, shortly thereafter he became a Licensed Zumba Instructor and holds a license to teach Basic 1, Zumba Step and STRONG by Zumba.  He has participated and guest instructed in several fitness events throughout the City of Los Angeles.  In addition to being certified in both Latin Jam Workout and Zumba, he is a certified instructor and Coach for U-Jam Fitness, an urban-based, world beats fitness program based out of Northern California as well as an instructor for COMMIT (CTY Fitness) which is an epic fun-filled dance workout that focuses on essential fitness elements for an all over body workout.

You can find him currently teaching classes at the following facilities:  LA DanceFit (Westwood), Heartbeat House Dance Studio (Atwater Village), 24 Hour Fitness (Compton) and virtually on the 24GoApp, Wollen Dance, Sirius Turbo Jam (through Arketa and YouTube) and Facebook Live.

“I try to inspire others through my journey as well as through daily quotes and affirmations that either I make up or find and want to share and put out in the universe.  Come along with me on my journey—feel free to discuss anything with me—I love conversing with good people who have goals and direction in their life.”

“It takes one voice to motivate the uninspired.”

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