Hey Wonderful Folks!  2017 is all about changes and stepping outside comfort zones.  I’ve done something a little bit terrifying on my end and was encouraged to enter into a Dance Fitness Instructor Challenge. After submitting a 2 minute video, I made it to the Top 5 in this challenge.  I would LOVE it withContinue reading “WOW THE CROWD – LA FIT EXPO (SATURDAY, JANUARY 7, 2017)”

The CEO Of Your Life

I’ve been all about this topic ever since I recently hit a milestone age.  I literally had to take stock and look at my overall health and start to invest in it.  I think we all can agree that as we get older, we tend to slow down or become too complacent with our dailyContinue reading “The CEO Of Your Life”

U-Jam Fitness In West Hollywood? (Yes, Please!)

IT’S OFFICIAL!  U-Jam Fitness is spreading the LOVE and UNITY in West Hollywood starting FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17th at 7:30PM.  Mark your calendars, download a FREE GUEST PASS at 24 Hour Fitness’ website by clicking HERE.   Let’s break in this new spot together and get your FRIDAY NIGHT groove on!  The Group X Floor will be onContinue reading “U-Jam Fitness In West Hollywood? (Yes, Please!)”

Cultural Cardio Jam (POST-TURKEY BURN)

Let’s face it!  While we are giving THANKS to the food that is presented to us as well as THANKFUL for being alive, we are going to definitely be getting our grub on.  After you have finished stuffing yourself silly and regretting eating that last piece of pumpkin pie, get yourself to Heartbeat House DanceContinue reading “Cultural Cardio Jam (POST-TURKEY BURN)”

Glow Party Workouts (It’s All The RAVE)

Let’s face it!  Grabbing a workout can be the BIGGEST CHORE in your daily routine.  Not only do you sit and contemplate on whether or not to go to the gym, but also as you contemplate and idly waiting, you are feeling stagnant, unproductive and most of all LAZY!  We all struggle with trying toContinue reading “Glow Party Workouts (It’s All The RAVE)”

My Journey As A Latin Jam Instructor

I recently had an article featured in my work’s worldwide newsletter about the workout I feel passionate about teaching.  I’m including the text from the article as it is blurry from the visual photo below.  Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it for the world to see. MY JOURNEY AS A LATIN JAMContinue reading “My Journey As A Latin Jam Instructor”

A Little Bit Of An Announcement From Me To You

Dear Friends: I know it’s been a LONG while since I’ve posted on my personal website.  With the entire summer completely booked taking exercise classes, achieving personal goals and writing my screenplay, there really wasn’t enough time to BLOG as I was B-U-S-Y.  But now, I’m back in action and ready to write to my heart’sContinue reading “A Little Bit Of An Announcement From Me To You”