55 Degree Wine: Atwater Village’s Hidden Gem

55 Degree Wine, located in Atwater Village (Glendale, CA). Photograph by Jerod Williams

If your love for wine runs deep, then 55 Degree Wine is the place to be.  With a vast selection of choice wines that spans from all parts of the globe (a majority of them from Italy), this establishment prides on any type of liquor to suit your mood and wet your palate.  Located in the heart of Atwater Village, 55 Degree Wine has become quite the hidden gem where you can enjoy a great bottle of wine along with tasty food and cheese pairings.

Now, before you lambaste me and make your way over to this place and say, “What the hell is Jerod talking about?  There are no tables, there’s no place to sit and is the place next door?  Does he sit with the wine in a paper sack outside in front of the store?”  What makes this place unique is on the outside, it does look like your standard liquor store with wall-to-wall wine and beer. 

55 Degree Wine has a vast majority of wines and beer from all parts of the world.

It isn’t until after 6PM when you have paid for that perfect bottle is when you have the option to either go home and drink your wine in peace with the one you love or head towards the set of stairs that descends into an underground dark room where 55 Degree Wine has an intimate sitting area with a sexy vibe.  This place is also available for hosting private parties and exclusive wine tastings.

At night, 55 Degree Wine turns their cellar into an intimate sitting area that is great for wine and conversation

I highly recommend any of their Portuguese wine as well as wine from Norman’s Vineyard

Andy of 55 Degree Wine.

Another really great thing about this place is their patrons and their working knowledge about the wines and beer in their establishment (which is very rare) so ask and you hardly ever go wrong.

Again, if you are an aficionado who can lap up wine like a cat, visit 55 Degree Wine. You won’t be sorry.

For more information, visit their website at 55 Degree Wine. Tell ‘em Jerod sent you.


2 thoughts on “55 Degree Wine: Atwater Village’s Hidden Gem

  1. J Dogg,

    I love this post. You’ve captured just how dope our little after class Atwater gem is. Hopefully you wont be sending the droves into our spot and we can still get a table ;-D


    1. True, Toni….I haven’t thought about that when I decided to write this, but I had to share my love for our little gem!:)

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