The 20/25 Experience (Part 2)

Here’s where I last left off in my LASIK Eye Surgery Quest: If you want to read Part 1 before you go into this segment, click HERE. “The doctor proceeds to talk to me throughout the surgery the entire procedure step-by-step so that my fears are assuaged. “Now, listen to the sound of my voiceContinue reading “The 20/25 Experience (Part 2)”

The 20/25 Experience (Part 1)

(**NOTE:  This is a chronicle of my experience getting the LASIK Eye Surgery in hopes of giving anyone who is on the fence about considering this procedure some insight.  Although, some of my experience was a little comedic based on this blog, there were definitely some serious moments that happened.  I had the procedure done four monthsContinue reading “The 20/25 Experience (Part 1)”

The Flip Is Luxurious

This may be my craziest blog yet.  Between me wondering what a conversation with H-Bon (a/k/a Helena Bonham Carter) would be like to crazy ass neighbors warming up cat food in the microwave, I’m due for a visit to a therapist as I’ve been living in “Holly-weird” a little too long and it’s making me nuttierContinue reading “The Flip Is Luxurious”