The Flip Is Luxurious

This may be my craziest blog yet.  Between me wondering what a conversation with H-Bon (a/k/a Helena Bonham Carter) would be like to crazy ass neighbors warming up cat food in the microwave, I’m due for a visit to a therapist as I’ve been living in “Holly-weird” a little too long and it’s making me nuttier than squirrel shit.

SCENARIO:  Saturday Morning Ritual

It’s 10:30AM and just like clockwork, I do my usual Saturday morning ritual and attend my Latin Jam Workout class out in East Los Angeles @ The Los Angeles Dance Center.  By the way, if you are ever in the area, come join me for class.  Latin Jam is fun, exhilarating and definitely will keep you in a shape other than round.  (Digressing here.)  After my rigorous one hour smackdown that Mistress Toni hands to me on a silver platter, a small group of us make our way over to our favorite café to grab a healthy smoothie and discuss our hectic week and simply unwind.  While on our way, there is a one-stop shop party store that has just about everything you need for any type of party you would want to throw.

Every time I walk by this shop after dancing my ass off, I encounter who I like to call Luxy (a/k/a Luxurious).  I don’t know what it is about this mannequin, but she grabbed my attention immediately with her appearance.  It’s not the way she was dressed, nor is it the way she was strategically placed in the front door when you enter the party store establishment.  What drew me to this mystical being, you ask?  The hair flip, the flip that makes you go “HAY!”  It’s a statement.  It’s a ‘tude.

Luxy (a/k/a Luxurious)

She got flip for days.  The flip is hot, the flip is silky, the flip is luxurious and it’s got an attitude that says “Yeah, I’m fly, what, I know I look good.” 

Mannequin With The Flip
Luxy at another angle

Piss her off and she’ll probably scream “I want you out of my life FOREVER!” while working her neck.

I know, people (and this is for those who know me), it’s the simple things that provide entertainment.  Every Saturday morning I look forward to seeing Luxy in the window after I do my class.  She’s sheer comedy even if I have a bad day.  If you find yourself in East Los on a Saturday morning, drop by and take Latin Jam with me and feel free to swing over afterwards and give a shout out to Luxy while grabbing a post-workout beverage.  Your body and funny bone will thank you.

Luxy along with her compadre can be seen at the Party Store between La Farfala Cafe and The Los Angeles Dance Center. Drop in and say "Hay!" to Luxy when you get the chance

5 thoughts on “The Flip Is Luxurious

  1. That’s so crazy! That’s exactly what my hair looks like. I thought I was the only one.

    1. Oooh, send me a photo and we can do a comparison! LOVE IT!

  2. Tonantzin Nunez June 8, 2011 — 12:30 AM


  3. Told you, it’s the simple things that put a smile on my face. May have to jack that mannequin out of the store if they ever go out of business.

  4. The fact that it’s the simple things that put a smile on your face is one of the MANY reasons why I love you J-Dog!!

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