The 20/25 Experience (Part 1)

(**NOTE:  This is a chronicle of my experience getting the LASIK Eye Surgery in hopes of giving anyone who is on the fence about considering this procedure some insight.  Although, some of my experience was a little comedic based on this blog, there were definitely some serious moments that happened.  I had the procedure done four monthsContinue reading “The 20/25 Experience (Part 1)”

Passion Reignited

Hopefully, as I write these thoughts down tonight in a dimly lit atmosphere of the uppity neighborhood of Brentwood (Los Angeles) at a place called the Coral Tree Café while sipping on Moroccan Mint Tea, I may just inspire someone to re-ignite their passion with this blog. For months, there has been a disconnect betweenContinue reading “Passion Reignited”

My Article and Interview with Theo Rossi for BELLO MAG

I had the pleasure of interviewing Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz (aka Theo Rossi) from the TV show SONS OF ANARCHY which is going into its final season on FX.  Absolutely one of THE nicest guys you will ever talk to with a BIG heart!  Check out the six page editorial spread shot by JSquared Photography and my write up in the September ENTERTAINMENT issueContinue reading “My Article and Interview with Theo Rossi for BELLO MAG”


I have to say that so much has been going on in my life that has been keeping me quite busy!  Between handling my new day job to teaching a BUNCH of classes to learning a new fitness – I’ve managed to squeeze in some time to do my other passion that I love andContinue reading “FOLLOWING THE DAYS OF FUTURE PAST WITH SHAWN ASHMORE”

Dance Your Way To Healthy

Allow me to change your preconceived notion about one having to have coordination or dance experience in order to take one of my workout classes.  My classes are easy-to-follow, you burn between 600 to 1,000 calories by just moving alone AND you go at your own pace in a safe and FUN environment.  Honestly, whenContinue reading “Dance Your Way To Healthy”

The Flip Is Luxurious

This may be my craziest blog yet.  Between me wondering what a conversation with H-Bon (a/k/a Helena Bonham Carter) would be like to crazy ass neighbors warming up cat food in the microwave, I’m due for a visit to a therapist as I’ve been living in “Holly-weird” a little too long and it’s making me nuttierContinue reading “The Flip Is Luxurious”

And They Call It Kitty Love….

SCENARIO: (It’s a long-corridor down a hallway with diamond-patterned navy blue and burgundy carpet with mocha walls and blue doors; the interior of an apartment complex.  A rancid smell is coming from an apartment and an older man, late 40s, walks out of his apartment with a small stainless steel bowl with the name GISELLEContinue reading “And They Call It Kitty Love….”