And They Call It Kitty Love….

(It’s a long-corridor down a hallway with diamond-patterned navy blue and burgundy carpet with mocha walls and blue doors; the interior of an apartment complex.  A rancid smell is coming from an apartment and an older man, late 40s, walks out of his apartment with a small stainless steel bowl with the name GISELLE (as in supermodel GISELLE BUNDCHEN) on it with what appears to be cat food in the dish.  Following behind him is a white, fluffy Persian cat.  He places the bowl by the door and it is clear that said smell is coming from the bowl.  Conversation begins to ensue when the neighbor three doors down (that’s me, by the way) wonders what is going on.)

ME:  Excuse me, but I couldn’t help but wonder what is that smell?
NEIGHBOR:  I warm up Giselle’s FRISKIES with a little bit of olive oil in the microwave just like she likes it.
ME:  (stunned)  Cat food?  In the microwave?
NEIGHBOR:  Yeah, she loves it!                                                                                

(Neighbor pets cat like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers leaving me speechless as I walk away giving neighbor the stank eye.)

The lengths one goes through when you have a pet has gone from simplistic to just plain outrageous.  I have no problems with anyone who treat their pets as if they were children because pets need love too.  Sometimes there is such a thing as taking your obsession with your four-legged friend to a level that leaves even the next person perplexed, such as this case where my neighbor warms up cat food in the microwave.  Who does this?  Why on God’s green Earth did this guy think it was cute for him to warm up FRISKIES in the microwave and leave a rancid stench in the hallway? 

Needless to say, it must be all the rage in Kitty-dom to have your food baked at a certain degree in the microwave, but c’mon, really neighbor?  Warming up cat food in the microwave for your finicky feline and making the apartment complex smell like ASS is neither cute nor funny.  Cut it out or someone will evict you PERMANENTLY.

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