Michelle Obama’s Impassioned Speech @ The Democratic National Convention


It’s A Cardio Fusion December

Four exciting workout genres collide together this Sunday, December 18th at 10:30AM at The Los Angeles Dance Center (342 1/2 N. Ford Street) to bring to you an intense workout session guaranteed to make you sweat and burn off those holiday calories.  This 90-Minute Workout promises to bring you the very best in Zumba, CardioMax,Continue reading “It’s A Cardio Fusion December”

Scenery Behold

A friend once told me “Life is full of beauty.  Stop for a moment and start noticing.”  Often I go from Point A to Point B, go from destination to destination and not even notice my surroundings.  I’m usually concerned about getting to this place on time or wonder how long can I be at this place beforeContinue reading “Scenery Behold”

A Little Bit Of An Announcement From Me To You

Dear Friends: I know it’s been a LONG while since I’ve posted on my personal website.  With the entire summer completely booked taking exercise classes, achieving personal goals and writing my screenplay, there really wasn’t enough time to BLOG as I was B-U-S-Y.  But now, I’m back in action and ready to write to my heart’sContinue reading “A Little Bit Of An Announcement From Me To You”

The Flip Is Luxurious

This may be my craziest blog yet.  Between me wondering what a conversation with H-Bon (a/k/a Helena Bonham Carter) would be like to crazy ass neighbors warming up cat food in the microwave, I’m due for a visit to a therapist as I’ve been living in “Holly-weird” a little too long and it’s making me nuttierContinue reading “The Flip Is Luxurious”

I’m Digital, Baby!

I am pleased to announce that my play THE MANIPULATION, LOVE, LUST AND BETRAYAL OF A CAREER WOMAN can now be bought in digital format on AMAZON.COM.  For those of you who have KINDLE, iPOD, iPAD, ANDROID, BLACKBERRY or even a personal computer can download a copy of my play for $9.99.  Click HERE to goContinue reading “I’m Digital, Baby!”

And They Call It Kitty Love….

SCENARIO: (It’s a long-corridor down a hallway with diamond-patterned navy blue and burgundy carpet with mocha walls and blue doors; the interior of an apartment complex.  A rancid smell is coming from an apartment and an older man, late 40s, walks out of his apartment with a small stainless steel bowl with the name GISELLEContinue reading “And They Call It Kitty Love….”

Stumbling Upon Wisdom

“One of the greatest gifts we can give to another generation is our wisdom and experience.” —Bishop Desmond Tutu We all walk through life doing our mundane daily routines and neglect to acknowledge our surroundings.  Once a monkey wrench gets thrown into the works, our mojo is off-kilter.  I have to admit, I’m one ofContinue reading “Stumbling Upon Wisdom”

55 Degree Wine: Atwater Village’s Hidden Gem

If your love for wine runs deep, then 55 Degree Wine is the place to be.  With a vast selection of choice wines that spans from all parts of the globe (a majority of them from Italy), this establishment prides on any type of liquor to suit your mood and wet your palate.  Located inContinue reading “55 Degree Wine: Atwater Village’s Hidden Gem”