I have to say that so much has been going on in my life that has been keeping me quite busy!  Between handling my new day job to teaching a BUNCH of classes to learning a new fitness – I’ve managed to squeeze in some time to do my other passion that I love and that’s WRITING!  I’m currently a Contributing Writer for BELLO MAG (  It’s a FASHION, ENTERTAINMENT and LIFESTYLE magazine.  I’ve so far written a handful of articles for them, but recently I got the chance to do a one-on-one interview with their cover guy, Shawn Ashmore (who plays Bobby Drake aka ICEMAN in the X-Men movies and Mike Weston on FOX’s THRILLER, THE FOLLOWING).  The link is here for the article and will be online for a month!  In that same issue, will be an interview with Carrie Keagan as well.  Enjoy and happy reading!  To own a copy of this digital, glossy magazine, please visit the site and get yourself a subscription.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Love and blessings.

Shawn Ashmore

Cultural Cardio Jam (POST-TURKEY BURN)

Let’s face it!  While we are giving THANKS to the food that is presented to us as well as THANKFUL for being alive, we are going to definitely be getting our grub on.  After you have finished stuffing yourself silly and regretting eating that last piece of pumpkin pie, get yourself to Heartbeat House Dance Studio for a workout so that you can BURN, BURN, BURN those calories away and why not do it with US!

Join myself along with the Afro-Funk Goddess herself, Tanita, for what promises to be an uplifting, calorie burning, cross-cultural CARDIO JAM.  It’s LATIN JAM WORKOUT and AFRO-FUNK FITNESS in one room for 90 minutes (FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29th from 9:30AM-11:00AM).  We’ll also have some LIVE DRUMMING to spice up the fest as well.

This will not be your average, ordinary class!  If you’ve always been curious about my unique version of Latin Jam Workout and haven’t had the chance to take it AND if you’ve always been curious about Afro Funk Fitness and haven’t been able to take it, come do BOTH!  We’ll work off all that stuffin’!  In addition, we will have ENERGY punch courtesy of ARBONNE as well as a FREE CLASS PACKAGE GIVEAWAY and CDs for those who register online!

Tickets are $15 in advance & $20 at the door!

Space is limited! REGISTRATION LINK: OR you can register by calling the studio at (323) 669-2821.

See you on the dance floor!

Join Jerod Williams and Tanita Ligons for a 90 Minute Cultural Cardio Jam to work off the calories you will be putting on Thanksgiving Day at HEARTBEAT HOUSE DANCE STUDIO at 9:30AM.  The address is 3141 Glendale Blvd., Atwater Village, CA 90039
Join Jerod Williams and Tanita Ligons for a 90 Minute Cultural Cardio Jam to work off the calories you will be putting on November 29th (Day AFTER Thanksgiving) at HEARTBEAT HOUSE DANCE STUDIO at 9:30AM. The address is 3141 Glendale Blvd., Atwater Village, CA 90039


Glow Party Workouts (It’s All The RAVE)

Let’s face it!  Grabbing a workout can be the BIGGEST CHORE in your daily routine.  Not only do you sit and contemplate on whether or not to go to the gym, but also as you contemplate and idly waiting, you are feeling stagnant, unproductive and most of all LAZY!  We all struggle with trying to keep working out from being mundane and boring.

Statistics show that if one can get 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity exercise per day at least 5 days a week, one can improve the quality of their life and reduce the risks of developing coronary heart disease, hypertension, some cancers and type 2 diabetes.  Also, any cardio related workout can burn some serious calories.  There are so many cardio fitness classes out there on the market such as ZUMBA FITNESS, LATIN JAM WORKOUT, U-JAM FITNESS, DANCE IT OUT and many others that I could name, but it would take up the whole purpose of why I’m writing this blog.  Now, before you look at the above-said exercises that I named and whine, “I’m not coordinated!” or “I have two left feet!” or “I can’t dance!”  Allow me to provide for you a perfect solution for you to get your cardio groove on as well as burning off the poundage and not look like Jim Carrey while doing it:  A Glow Party Workout!

Heartbeat House Glow Party
At Heartbeat House Dance Studio (located in Atwater Village), this studio has monthly cardio glow parties guaranteed to make you sweat all the while having fun.

Yes, folks!  This type of workout is getting some serious attention in a lot of dance studios and gyms all around the country.  If you haven’t experienced working out underneath black lights and glow sticks, then you are missing out!  No more wondering what you look like in the mirror while you are getting your workout groove on or being self-conscious about getting the moves exactly correct or bright fluorescent, clinical lighting.  It’s just YOU, the MUSIC, a BLACK LIT DARK ROOM and a lot of crazy colors floating around in the dark.  It’s like being at a rave except the infectious groove of the music is your high.  It definitely changes the level of your workout experience as you burn some SERIOUS calories (between 600 and 1,000+).  What makes this fun is that anyone can do this both young and old.  It does make the usual mundane workout an exhilarating experience.

Heartbeat House Glow Party
Latin Jam Workout founder, JP Santana, hosts monthly glow parties around Southern California for students who want to get their workout groove on.

Who cares what you look like in the dark shakin’ what your momma gave you?  You are there to get your calorie burn on and get your doctor recommended dose of exercise.  There are many happening around your town at your nearby local dance studio or gym.

WARNING:  Once you get a taste of what a glow party could be like, you will become ADDICTED!!!

Glow Party 3   

Dance Your Way To Healthy

Allow me to change your preconceived notion about one having to have coordination or dance experience in order to take one of my workout classes.  My classes are easy-to-follow, you burn between 600 to 1,000 calories by just moving alone AND you go at your own pace in a safe and FUN environment.  Honestly, when you allow yourself to get lost into the music, you begin to dance and move your way into a slimmer AND sexier YOU!  Click on my CLASS SCHEDULE and join me on beginning your workout journey.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Check out my video from this year’s LOS FELIZ VILLAGE STREET FAIR FESTIVAL just how much fun this workout can be INCLUDING my before and after picture.  “The journey to beginning your weight loss goal begins with taking the first step.”  See you on the dance floor!

At my heaviest 220 lbs. (now 185 lbs.)
At my heaviest 220 lbs. (now 185 lbs.)

My Journey As A Latin Jam Instructor

I recently had an article featured in my work’s worldwide newsletter about the workout I feel passionate about teaching.  I’m including the text from the article as it is blurry from the visual photo below.  Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it for the world to see.

By Jerod Williams

Four years ago, I was at my most heaviest weight (220 lbs.).  It definitely was a wake up call for me when I went for my annual checkup with my doctor.  I mentioned my desire to get active again to one of my co-workers who told me about a dance studio near my home in Atwater Village.  From that idea, I tried a couple of things that this studio had to offer:  Bollywood, Yoga, Pilates and nothing really ever piqued my interest until I started taking Zumba and Latin Jam Workout classes.  I love to dance and what was great about the class is that you could so get lost in the music and movement that you won’t even realize that you are burning between 600 and 1,000 calories in an hour.

Fast forward to two years later, I participated in one of the first certifications that Latin Jam Workout had to offer.  It definitely was intense and nerve-wracking as there were all kinds of levels of potential instructors from all sorts of backgrounds.  Needless to say, I passed both the practicum and the written exam and began taking more classes to continue my growth and development.  Latin Jam Workout provided me the tools necessary for me to formulate my own routines as well as grow from the ones that my Master Trainer put together.

My first class was with a co-partner of mine.  From there, I ended up teaching on my own continuing to grow and develop at the studio where I first ventured into to get active again.  I now teach this innovative workout in four locations in Southern California:  Heartbeat House Dance Studio, Salon Acapulco, Glendale YMCA and The Los Angeles Dance Center.  It’s definitely been a journey for me growing from student to instructor.  Most of the comments from my peers and others that have taken class with me have been both positive and definitely humbling.  To be able to spread the love of what I do to others is honoring.

Four years ago, I was 220 lbs., I am now 185 lbs. and still on the journey of continuing my healthy and active lifestyle.  They always say that “the journey in anything begins with taking the first step.”  I am very happy to have taken that first step.

Jerod's Article

The Journey for a Healthier and More Active Lifestyle

Health and Wellness

If you’re like me, right now, you’re starting off the New Year with the resolution that has been #1 on everyone’s agenda and that is to lose weight and stay active.  So, over the course of 2013, I have decided to do some restructuring of my life and get a handle on how to keep myself size active.  When I say size active, I mean a size where I am at my most comfortable and where I’m feeling good about myself.  Striving to look like a supermodel or six-pack abs is not necessary, but if it does happen, then I’m all for it.

2012 started off with me becoming a dance workout instructor.  I teach a workout called LATIN JAM WORKOUT.

Latin Jam Workout

It’s a mix of Latin-infused music with cardio and it’s at a higher impact than ZUMBA where it’s easy to follow all the while having fun.  I teach in now FOUR locations in Los Angeles all the while keeping my normal day job and doing a side gig as an independent consultant for my upcoming business (which I will incorporate in this blog as it does deal with health and wellness).

One of the things that I HIGHLY stress before doing any kind of workout regime, body cleanses or dieting is that you consult your physician.  I can’t stress that enough because the one thing you want to do is once you lose the weight or alter your lifestyle, you want it to easily be a part of your life and not just a constant yo-yo struggle.  Your physician is your key and if he/she tells you what you need to do to be healthy, by all means:  LISTEN!  Your life could depend on it.  Ask all the major questions you need to ask including all of the products that you have on your product list that you are interested in trying.  Once they give you the okay, then start mapping out your blueprint.

Now that I have settled down and back from my whirlwind trip to India for a friend’s wedding, I have been mapping out my blueprint.  It’s amazing what one can do while lying in bed recovering from jet lag and insomnia.  The ideas start to flow.  This past December, I recently became an independent consultant for a health and wellness company called Arbonne.

Arbonne International

This company has been around for 30+ years now and I’ve done quite the research on their products as they stress that they are non-toxic, vegan and all natural.  Let’s just say (long story short), the products are actually wonderful.  They have a little bit of everything for your face, body, cleanses, vitamins, makeup and so much more.  Those of you know that when I feel passionate about something, chances are it’s the real thing.  I even had a friend try their face products for three days and she even fell in love with their products and this is coming from a person who uses all natural items like oatmeal, avocado and mayonnaise as her beauty items.  So, in my quest to get healthy, I’m going to combine the health and wellness products of Arbonne into my regular schedule and document my journey.  If you are ever interested in any of the products on the website, feel free to hit me up and I’ll give you the 411.

This year will mark a milestone for me.  My 40th.  So, I plan on getting a lot done in 2013.  Traveling overseas was the start and now getting healthy and active is the other.  Will you join me on the quest for a healthier and more active lifestyle?