Hey Wonderful Folks!  2017 is all about changes and stepping outside comfort zones.  I’ve done something a little bit terrifying on my end and was encouraged to enter into a Dance Fitness Instructor Challenge. After submitting a 2 minute video, I made it to the Top 5 in this challenge.  I would LOVE it with […]

The CEO Of Your Life

I’ve been all about this topic ever since I recently hit a milestone age.  I literally had to take stock and look at my overall health and start to invest in it.  I think we all can agree that as we get older, we tend to slow down or become too complacent with our daily […]

Treating Life As A Chapter

CHAPTER:  A distinct period or sequence of events relating to history or a person’s life. They say that every moment and every step taken in life is a chronicle.  Essentially, you are writing your scenario, you are writing your own book and every book has a beginning which starts molding and shaping who you are […]

The Universe Is Listening

Greetings from the local neighborhood coffee shop SOLAR DE CAHUENGA.  This is the place where I frequent to get away from my tiny studio apartment to get away whenever I feel inspired to write.  As I’m sitting here sipping on my warm tea on a chilly 51 degree night in the unglamorous and seedy part […]