Treating Life As A Chapter

CHAPTER:  A distinct period or sequence of events relating to history or a person’s life.

They say that every moment and every step taken in life is a chronicle.  Essentially, you are writing your scenario, you are writing your own book and every book has a beginning which starts molding and shaping who you are and the circumstances surrounding you include several moments and those moments become chapters.  What would be in your book?  Is your book comedic, a dramatic, a fast-paced action flick, a timeless romance or is filled with sorrow and regret about loss and what could have been?  What genre would your book be?  When you think about it, your book can only be written by one person:  YOU.  

The cool part about writing your own book is controlling what goes in it.  We all want to focus on the things we love to do; the things that make us happy and have a purpose for getting up in the morning.  Some of us are successful at doing it, some of us are still finding our groove and some of us are stuck in reflection.  Your book should say you’ve accomplished everything in your life you intended to do without lack or limitation.  Your book should create an indelible imprint on the ones that will remember you.  Your book should be a blueprint you (as well as the ones who love you) can continue to build on for the rest of your life.  As far as the ending goes, a predetermined destiny which you have no control over so in other words, do all you can in life because the next day is never promised.

So the moral in treating life as a chapter is, whenever you hate the direction of where your book is heading, there is such thing as revision:  REVISE, REVISE, REVISE.  There may be moments happening around you that are devastating, but harness strength from the pain and continue writing. In life, as well as, in your book, there’s a do-over.



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