Dinner With Helena…….

It would maybe go a little something like this.

HELENA: Jerod.
(pronouncing it as JA-RED as opposed to JE-ROD)
What is this delightful confection we are having?
ME: It’s called chicken and waffles, Helena. A soul food delicacy.
HELENA: Mmmmm. . . and this side dish?
ME: That’s collard greens.
HELENA: Wow…these are….how do you say….da shiznit!?!?
ME: You know it. Don’t forget to add the hot sauce.

Of course, I’m only imagining this conversation in my head. There are only a few celebrities that have resonated within me as of late, but the one that sticks out I would love to meet and have dinner with would have to be Helena Bonham Carter.  She’s an extremely gifted and talented actress (A ROOM WITH A VIEW, THE KING’S SPEECH, THE WINGS OF A DOVE) with a style all her own.  She embodies and defines the phrase “completely unapologetic”.  She got panned by fashion critics for her outrageous outfits during this year’s award season and I love her response, “Who cares!”.  And trust me, she’s a breath of fresh air whenever she parades out on the red carpet.

Even though H-Bon did look like a hot mess with her mismatched shoes, her Vivienne Westwood gown on with hair resembling an eagle’s nest, her style is what makes her what she is—FUN, DARING and goes against the grain of traditional red carpet wear.  I love anyone whose style that can bring out their true self.  Celebrities, remember that when trying to find that perfect outfit.  There weren’t any airs that she was putting on or a façade she was maintaining.  She was HER. Accept her or F**K off!

Helena, if you are out there and you just so happen to stumble upon reading this blog.  Would you have dinner with me so that I can pick that beautiful brain of yours?  You make me smile.

3 thoughts on “Dinner With Helena…….

  1. She always seems to present herself as a bit ‘off’, but the type that would be a blast to be around. Especially if you need a story to start, ‘No shit, there we were.’

  2. Totally agree. Breath of fresh freaking air! And I agree with Chris – she would be an awesome story starter!

  3. i just want front row to this convo. helena is a beauty especially if shiz-nit came out of her mouth. lol

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